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                                                Welcome to Chowdown Kennel

Chowdown Kennel came about in the early 1990,s.  We got our first chow in the early part of the 80's, and let me tell you she was some chow.. We never had own one before.  I read all kind of information on them before we got one, But didn't listen very well.  Our first love came from a puppy mill breeder.. I must say we thought it was so cute when she growled at people at 7 weeks.. Well when she was 80 pounds and still growling it wasn't so funny anymore.. She did teach us alot about the chow breed,  raising puppies, what to watch for, what not to breed,  how to train ect... Oh yes, we made all our mistakes with that first chow.. That is part of the reason we fell in love with this breed.. They really are wonderful dogs, if started out  the right way...
 Once we got the show part, the work was even harder.. Now their personalities have to be nothing but the best.  The coats had to be kept so nice and then the standards of the chow, how they were built, how they walked.. Oh yes, there was so much more to learn.. Even now after all these years, we still are learning..
You are welcome to come and visit and see our chows.  Look and see how far we have came along with lots of care and work..


We have had several champions, America and Canada.. It has been alot of work and it is fun to meet other breeders and show in other states and a country... Hope to continue breeding and showing for years to come.
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